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Black Pepper Bold

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Spicy Black Pepper with deliciousness of growing organically.It is usually dried and used as a spice and condiment, known as a peppercorn

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Black pepper also known as the “King of Spices” stands out for its size and strong intense flavour. Meals taste better overall and have a sharp peppery sting.  It contains a chemical known as piperine, which has been connected to several health-promoting properties and it is an essential ingredient in Indian spice mix. Bold black pepper is one of our greatest treasures, valued not only for its unique flavour but also for labour-intensive preparation. Since the peppercorns often have a diameter of 5 to 6 millimetres, they are significantly larger than regular black pepper. Their colour ranges from dark brown to black, and their surface has wrinkles or pits in it. Bold black pepper has a distinct pungency and a robust flavour.


Some terms used in India for Pepper
Hindi – Kali Mirch
Malayalam – Kurumulagu
Tamil - Milagu


The Black pepper plant, scientifically called piper nigrum, yields tiny berries. Dried berries of the pepper plant are called peppercorns. It comes in black, white and pink. Peppercorns refer to whole spice while pepper is ground spice.

White Pepper vs. Black Pepper: Which Is the Hottest?

In this white pepper vs. black pepper comparison, we will look at their origins, processing methods, flavour profiles, heat levels, and culinary applications to determine which of these spices truly merits the title of hottest.

Black pepper is made by harvesting the green, undeveloped berries off the vine and allowing them to ferment and dry in the sun. It is this process that gives black pepper its wrinkled appearance and fiery flavour. The piperine concentration in black pepper's outer layer gives it a more potent spicy, earthy flavour. Black pepper has significantly higher heat levels.

White pepper is derived from pepper that has been processed differently. Ripened berries are used to prepare white pepper. The ripened berries are soaked in water to remove their outer layer, leaving the interior seed, which is then dried. Hence a pale white, smooth-surfaced peppercorn with a mild flavour is obtained. White pepper has a slightly flowery aroma and a cleaner taste, making it suitable for light-coloured dishes that require pepper flavour but not black specks.

In the  cooking world, It is widely used in white sauces, cream-based soups where a delicate peppery flavor without the extreme spiciness is required. Hence the choice between white pepper vs. black pepper often depends on the desired level of spiciness and final look of a dish.


Benefits of pepper
Black pepper may support your overall health as it is rich in antioxidants. Benefits can include
·         reducing inflammation
·         supporting blood sugar control
·         improves brain health
·         helps in digestion
·         helps in weight loss

We at Cardamomkada offer you high-quality black or white pepper sourced from Kerala’s splendid spice gardens. Delivering the best spices directly from the source of spice growing is something we are proud of. Rich piperine content is ensured by the 100% natural nature of every box of our whole black pepper. When you open the bag, a unique aroma fills the room. Even though it can be eaten raw, experiment with these intriguing pairings:
·         As a tonic for infections and sore throats, sprinkle it over honey.
·         In the winter, make a warm, spicy tea.
·         Give fruits, salads, soups, and other hot beverages a burst of heat.
·         Indigestion can be treated with salt, ghee, and black pepper.


- High cancer-fighting and antifungal capabilities.

- Great sedative and antiseptic

- Rich in antioxidants, anti-inflammatory properties

- Treats indigestion (dyspepsia), intestinal gas, abdominal pain

- Helps during heavy menstrual cycles, diarrhea

- Prevents diabetes and obesity

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